Home – first track from my EP

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I’ve promised myself so many times.. But it seems like it’s going to happen finally this year.. I want to record and produce 5 or 6 of my songs and “release” it as an EP.

This is the first track and it was painfully slow to make :) My lack of experience in mixing, mastering, bass playing and of course singing clearly shows but hopefully it’s not awful..

It was an incredible amount of work to produce this one track, so my respect to all the artists and mix/master engineers has grown immensely.

Let me know what you think, and download a quality copy of it from Bandcamp if you like it!


ps.: For some reason Bandcamp seems to be make the original file quieter, so if you want to listen to the absolute best version of the song, just hit play below, or download it from here.

danielhomolaHome – first track from my EP