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This is just a quick one.. Generally it’s quite hard to be up-to-date with all the amazing stuff that’s happening in data science and ML especially if you’re doing a job that’s not a 100% related to it..

I used to just read random articles and follow links in blog-posts, but then I found a few resources that really help me filter the news and get to the most interesting information.

  1. Data Science Newsletter: this is an amazing collection of interesting/relevant stuff.. Great way to kick-start your week on Monday while you’re sipping your first coffee.. Try and read it when you get it, otherwise you’ll just end up with dozens of them in your inbox hating yourself for procrastinating (like I usually do)..
  2. Partially Derivative: This is a podcast, so even easier to follow.. Just put it on while doing some repetitive or boring stuff during work, and you’ll get tons of news/interesting projects/theory and links to cool resources in 40-60 min chunks each week. The guys are usually having a few beers while discussing the topics, so it’s pretty relaxed and fun to listen to..
  3. Talking Machines: Another podcast, but this one is mainly focusing on ML.. The host is a rather (sometimes annoyingly) enthusiastic non-expert girl, and she’s usually talking to Ryan Adams (ML researcher at Harvard) who is extremely knowledgeable and just great to listen to. Many times, they interview other big names in the field which is quite cool.

Alright as I said this will be a quick one.. Give them a try if you’re interested in data science or machine learning! I try to follow them regularly and it seems like a pretty efficient way of following the field and learning about new stuff..

danielhomolaData science and machine learning podcasts