Playing the guitar, writing, recording and mixing music is something that turns any day into a good one and worth living.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder and harder to play my instruments regularly and invest the 30-40 hours needed to record a song in my little home studio. Nonetheless, now that my PhD is finally finished and it’s “only” full-time employment stopping me from finishing my first solo EP, I hope to go for it this year, wish me luck :)

I finished the first track years ago, it is called Home. I wrote a bit more about it here. Hopefully more tracks will follow soon.

I have a SoundCloud account where I’ve posted a number of previous recordings and snippets, however I’m intending to use BandCamp for future releases, as it seems to give me greater control over my content, and also preserve the quality of my tracks.

I’ve also posted quite a few videos on my YouTube channel so if you like my music, please subscribe to it! Here are two of my recent videos: