Thesis done

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Not sure why would any one be interested in this, but as it took me months of blood sweat and tears to finish this while also working full time as a data scientist at IQVIA, here it is. If you discover any mistakes, typos or logical errors, please be kind and never ever tell me, thanks.

danielhomolaThesis done

CorrMapper is finally finished

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After 2.5 half years of work, CorrMapper is finished. In the past 6 months, I weeded out a lot of bugs and improved both network explorer with lots of features. The paper is in preparation and should be submitted in the coming weeks. I’ll make the source code available as soon as the paper is out. Until then, give it …

danielhomolaCorrMapper is finally finished

CorrMapper (main project of my phd) is ready(ish)

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My PhD is entitled: Integration and visualisation of clinical-metabolic datasets for medical-decision making. So after several initial projects, in the past 1.5 years I’ve been working on a general system for the integration, exploration and visualisation of complex biological datasets. The problem with such an ambitious and broad PhD title is that it can fragment your attention and you can quickly …

danielhomolaCorrMapper (main project of my phd) is ready(ish)

Workshop in NYC on challenges in microbiome data analysis + poster of my work

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I just got back from an excellent conference which was organised by the Simons foundation, Eric Alm’s lab and the Bonneau lab. It was mainly about the technical details of microbiome data analysis and the statistical challenges this kind of data presents us with. We heard some amazing talks about how to deal with compositional data (almost all microbiome data is inherently compositional due the sampling procedure), …

danielhomolaWorkshop in NYC on challenges in microbiome data analysis + poster of my work