Linear algebra notes and LaTeX

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TL;DR I wanted to take a linear algebra course. I also wanted to learn LaTeX. I did both, and wrote a 70-something page long document from my notes of the Linear Algebra Foundations and Frontiers MOOC by The University of Texas at Austin. It still isn’t completely finished and I’m sure there are tons of typos in it but here it is: LAFF notes. …

danielhomolaLinear algebra notes and LaTeX

Sending emails from Python through a Gmail account

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In my current research I’m building a new research tool for the integration and visualisation of genomic data. The application starts with a file-upload form, then runs a pretty complex pipeline on our server and cluster that can take hours to complete. So once it’s finished I need to notify the users about any errors, warnings, send them the result files and …

danielhomolaSending emails from Python through a Gmail account