I am a senior data scientist & ML engineer, who uses deep learning and NLP (among other things) to drag healthcare into the 21st century. I am also interested in applying ML to real world problems and automate things no human should ever do.

I am passionate about science, technology, extracting valuable insights from and training ML models on complex datasets. This has led me from Biomedical Machine Learning (MSc and PhD) to Data Science (5+ years). I love Python, PyTorch and everything that’s beautifully engineered.

On a personal note

When not working, I usually spend my time playing my guitars, writing, recording and mixing music, riding my motorbike and fighting a constant battle against the ever increasing entropy in and around me.

One day, I will (as all of us) breath out for the last time. In that moment, I would love to feel peaceful, fulfilled and completely devoid of anxiety. Getting there keeps me quite busy.

Here are a few things that inspire me: