Daniel Homola 2017

I’m passionate about science, technology and extracting meaningful/valuable insights from life science and healthcare data, using machine learning and stats. This has led me from Biology (BSc) to Bioinformatics (MSc and PhD) and then to Data Science. I like R, Ubuntu and many other open source tools but I absolutely love Python.

When not doing geeky, sciency stuff I usually spend my time playing my guitars, writing, recording and mixing music, sharpening my skills as a vegetarian cook, riding my motorbike, rowing or doing other sports and sampling the fine wines, ales and single malts of the world.

I’m originally from Budapest, Hungary but currently I live in London. Both of them are great cities but probably you’ve already been to London and haven’t been to Budapest, so do yourself a favour and visit my wonderful hometown.

Here’s my CV and here are a few things that inspire me:

Tim Minchin’s incredible speech

Pale Blue Dot & The Most Astounding Fact

Harrison Ford is The Ocean & Kevin Spacey is The Rainforest