Daniel Homola 2017

I’m passionate about science, technology and extracting meaningful/valuable insights from life science and healthcare data, using machine learning and stats. This has led me from Biology (BSc) to Bioinformatics (MSc and PhD) and then to Data Science. I like R, Ubuntu and many other open source tools but I absolutely love Python.

When not doing geeky, sciency stuff I usually spend my time playing my guitars, writing, recording and mixing music, sharpening my skills as a vegetarian cook, riding my motorbike, rowing or doing other sports and sampling the fine wines, ales and single malts of the world.

I’m originally from Budapest, Hungary but currently living in London. Both of them are great cities but chances are you’ve already been to London and haven’t been to Budapest, so do yourself a favor and visit my wonderful hometown.

Here’s my CV and here are a few things that inspire me:

Pale Blue Dot & The Most Astounding Fact

Harrison Ford is The Ocean & Kevin Spacey is The Rainforest

This hilarious clash between two of my idols