CorrMapper was the main project of my PhD. It is an online research tool for the integration and visualisation of complex biomedical and omics datasets.

CorrMapper allows users to:

  • map clinical metadata onto omics datasets using an auto-generated interactive dashboard,
  • perform feature selection on the omics datasets using one of the clinical metadata variables,
  • infer robust correlations between the selected features of one or two omics datasets,
  • visualise and analyse the networks of these correlations using highly interactive modules.

CorrMapper is a data exploration and hypothesis generation tool. It does not try to automate statistical inference, or provide predicitve models. It is simply making the simultaneous exploration of omics datasets and clinical metadata easier by reducing the number of predictors to the clinically relevant ones, and by providing novel and interactive visualisation modules.

Further details

Please make sure to check out my blog post about why CorrMapper is needed and what exactly it does under the hood.